Infertility Treatment & Eastern Medicine

Few years ago, a mid 30’aged couple came to see me for treatment of infertility. Man looked so strong physically and outgoing, but woman looked graceful but weak with little dark face. They were so depressed with failure of IVF(in-vitro fertilization) twice for two years. They told me that they were all no problems by exam, but they couldn’t be pregnant any more and this was the last attempt for it. I murmured in my mind that’s right, and then took pulses of women first. Her pulses were deep and moderate and she always felt cold in her 4 limbs. I noticed that her uterus was long time attacked by coldness. So we promised and started to take treatment by me with acupuncture, moxibustion and herbs twice or once a week. After about two months later, she didn’t show herself at my clinic. I thought she was so exhausted with long treatment including IVF, so she might be almost given up. I was so sorry for that then I forgot. 4 month later I heard by chance from other patient that they had already succeeded in getting pregnant.


Infertility is common disease of woman that woman has never had pregnancy when she has normal sexual life with her spouse without contraception more than 2 years. 60% of infertility is statistically caused by woman, 30% by man, and 10% by both. The first organs relating to infertility are of course reproductive system including uterus, ovary etc. But, which organ affects these reproductive systems? We think that is kidney, liver, spleen; especially kidney which directly affects menstruation and uterus is most important organ relating to fertility in eastern medicine.


Now let’s think about fertility as germination of grain. The condition of farm should be suitable; appropriate temperature, appropriate moisture, appropriate nutrition, and appropriate sunlight. It is impossible for grain to germinate normally under condition with excess or deficiency of these ones. Fertility is same as germination of grain above. If uterus is so cold or hot, with too much moisture or so dry, full of dirty thing transformed from superabundance of nutrition or with weakness from malnutrition, too much stressful with emotional, seed of baby may be difficult to grow.


In my experience, most case of infertility is due to cold-damp retention in uterus like example above in the beginning of this writing, next is due to phlegm-damp retention from obesity; the last is due to blood stasis from poor circulation in lower abdomen. Sometimes the cases that dry uterus with heat caused by taking birth control pills long time can be seen.


Lots of experiences for infertility treatment have been accumulated in Eastern Medicine. We mainly use acupuncture, moxibustion and herb medicine, which almost has no side effect. What is more, we also have many treatment methods for disorders during pregnancy including uterine bleeding and unstable fetus, habitual miscarriage, morning sickness, difficult labor, etc. It takes about 3 to 9 months.

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