Why Do You Put the Needle on My Foot in Bottle for My Headache in Top?

One single woman of her age 40′ who has suffered from severe headache for over 10 years came to see me few years ago. Her complaints her HA with stabbing pains in left side and irregular pinching pain behind eyeball. She has gone to many clinics and took many kinds of medicine for her HA. Those medicines helped her HA in the temporary, but her pains returned soon. She had once doubts of brain tumor, which turned to be normal in the exam. She felt more pains especially under stresses; even she couldn’t sleep whole night in severe attacks.

When I asked her illness history, she said to me that she had once the shock at a certain moment when her parents fought each other when she was young. Her pulse of both hands was so weak and wiry especially on left ‘Guan’ area. I saw her tongue was pale and red on the tip and had big blue vessels underneath tongue. She screamed loudly with light spasm on the right leg when I put first needle on the right dorsal foot area between first and second toe. She grumbled at me “why do you put the needle on my foot in bottle for my headache in top?” But, it changed to be so cool immediately

There are many reasons of HA in oriental medicine’s point of view as well. That is, wind cold, damp heat etc from external factor, qi deficiency, qi stagnation(close relationship with stress, depression), blood deficiency, blood stagnation(especially in head), damp and phlegm accumulation, heat accumulation, food accumulation, etc from metabolism disorder of qi, blood, water and food inside of our body, hyperactivity of liver, kidney deficiency, etc from abnormal function of internal organ. Each case has their own symptoms, pattern and treating way. But they often show many combinations in practice. In case of her above it was typically the mixture of qi deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis based on her stress accumulated for long time. We used to focus on liver meridian passing through the dorsal foot first in the case like this. She got at last recovered after almost one month treatment.

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