Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

I see many people suffering from physical and mental pain when they can’t quit smoking easily even though they obviously know that smoking is harmful to both themselves and the people around them. For long-time smokers, quitting becomes even more difficult without help from other people because nicotine addiction physiologically affects your body regardless yourContinue reading “Stop Smoking with Acupuncture”

Why Do You Put the Needle on My Foot in Bottle for My Headache in Top?

One single woman of her age 40′ who has suffered from severe headache for over 10 years came to see me few years ago. Her complaints her HA with stabbing pains in left side and irregular pinching pain behind eyeball. She has gone to many clinics and took many kinds of medicine for her HA.Continue reading “Why Do You Put the Needle on My Foot in Bottle for My Headache in Top?”

Metabolic Syndrome in Eastern Medicine

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders which, when occurring together, increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Studies have shown it to be found in an estimated 25% of the U.S. population, with its frequency increasing with age. It is also called insulin resistance syndrome because with this condition theContinue reading “Metabolic Syndrome in Eastern Medicine”

Manic-Depressive Disorder in Eastern Medicine

Manic-depressive disorder, also known as bipolar disorder, is a mental illness classified by psychiatry as a mood disorder. Individuals with bipolar disorder experience episodes of a very high mood known as mania alternating with episodes of depression. Some experience a mixed state in which features of both mania and depression are present simultaneously with oneContinue reading “Manic-Depressive Disorder in Eastern Medicine”

Let’s Practice Two Things for Health in the New Year

We are all destined to die eventually, for it is a certainty that all living things die. But everyone wants to live a long and healthy life in the meantime. Nowadays, economic prosperity and scientific and technological progress in medicine have lengthened the average lifespan to more than 80 years, yet on average in Canada womenContinue reading “Let’s Practice Two Things for Health in the New Year”

Eastern Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease

Recently, I read a funny article about differences in Eastern vs. Western medical diagnosis. It showed that patients who had all been given the same diagnosis of gastric ulcers by Western doctors were given one of 5 separate diagnoses under Eastern medical care. Here are those 5 different diagnoses from the Eastern medicine perspective…  Continue reading “Eastern Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease”