Tinnitus – Do you hear strange sounds in your ears?

A typical sign of aging is the dulling of the sensory organs, particularly the ears.  Yet these days many young people also are experiencing an ear disorder called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition in which sound is heard from the inner auditory system unrelated to externally produced sound. It often appears when a person withContinue reading “Tinnitus – Do you hear strange sounds in your ears?”

Wind Stroke (1) – Were you hit by the wind?

  “Wind stroke” comes from a term in Eastern medicine which literally means hit by the wind, pointing to a similarity with the wind’s abruptly changeable nature.  In Western Medicine this disease may be referred to as a CVA (cerebro-vascular accident) or stroke. The two approaches are similar, both considering it to be a kindContinue reading “Wind Stroke (1) – Were you hit by the wind?”