Brian G. Long

Dear Hong,

I want to thank you for helping me in respect of my prostate cancer.

As you know, when I arrived in mid-September, my PSA was at 8673 and the cancer had metastasized to the bones and lymph glands. I was having difficulty moving due to my aching bones – especially in the back. The urologist was surprised to see me walking around as, with a PSA that high, apparently it is likely that the spine would collapse causing instant paralysis or even death. At any rate, I saw the urologist in order to start hormone therapy, a conventional treatment for prostate cancer. He was to give me an injection in two weeks but I was to take some pills which were also part of the hormone treatment. During these two weeks, I saw you and the PSA had dropped to something over 2800 in that time. I have not had a further PSA test but I certainly notice a marked change physically.

When I first saw you, my stomach was in bad condition with growth or tumour as well as cancer, the bones were aching and inflexible in my back and pelvic area, and the lymph glands around the collarbone, as well as the bone itself, were cancer-ridden. Now, after about three months of your treatment with combined cupping, acupuncture, moxibustion and heat therapy, my stomach feels fine with only minor discomfort, the lymph gland is considerably less swollen and the collarbone less tender, and the back bones and pelvic area is far more flexible and pain-free. Whereas I had to sit down to get dressed when I first started seeing you, I now stand and in fact do everything I would normally have done. While not yet cured, the improvement is remarkable.

So I want to thank you. While it is difficult to know what role the hormone therapy has played in my recovery in relation to your therapies, but personally I am convinced that your therapies are the principal reason for the improvements in my health.

With best wishes Brian G. Long