Janet Roth & Chris Lepose


I personally have been seeing Eui Hong Chung since July 24, 2012. I have had weekly treatments, and included herbal medication as well as acupuncture. I have a multitude of ailments which stems from being a type 1 diabetic since 1975, including Fibromyalgia.

Hong is a very calm and peaceful man and very comfortable to be around. He was good about explaining to me the basic philosophy around eastern medicine versus Western medicine. I have reached a point where Western medicine has been unable to help with many of my ailments and Hong has addressed many of these issues, in particular concerning the root problems causing my diabetic condition. I am taking less insulin and Metformin since I’ve seen him. Many of my issues seem to have ‘levelled out’ and the many symptoms and my pain levels are not as extreme.

We will miss hung and we are sorry that he and his family will not be part of this community as we had hoped. My husband and I wish him well and recommend him in whatever role he will play in the Lower Mainland, and wish him all the best in his endeavors.

7 February 2014